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Ag. Eirinis square is bustling with sophisticated cafes, historic as well as trendy restaurants and cozy small bars. To have an idea of what the square was like in the past (before its gentrification), look for the quaint shop from old times, on the north side, still selling sewing materials, vintage buttons and lace.

In the streets around the square you can find everything you can imagine: from antiques in the nearby Monastiraki flea market to contemporary Greek design items.

The buildings surrounding the square are occupied by the most creative individuals in the city: fashion designers, graphic artists, painters and tech savvies have rented the most charming rooftops. You can spot them in the square having their lunch break.


Try Athenians’ favorite snack, the “Koulouri”, a sesame bread ring (a circular bread, typically encrusted with sesame seeds) at 23 Karaiskaki str in the Psyri area.
Buy flowers from the florist in the middle of Ag. Eirinis Square.

Visit Athens’ central market, the “Varvakios Agora”, and see the traditional butcher shops and fish mongers hawking their products. Visit the vegetable market across the street and lose yourself in the endless sea of colours from the fresh fruits and vegetables. 42 Athinas str

Stroll down Ermou street – the ultimate shopping street in Athens – from its beginning at Syntagma Square, all the way down to Thission.

Explore the traditional spice shops on Evripidou str. You don’t need to know the address; the aroma will take you there.

Buy authentic sandals from Mellisinos, the “shoemaker-poet” at 7 Normanou str.

Have a souvlaki from “Kostas” in Ag. Eirinis Square. You’ll know where he is from the long line of Greeks (not tourists) outside his shop. When you take your first bite, you’ll know why people are queuing up for his souvlaki.

Try the traditional sweet dish “loukoumades” – fried dough balls with honey and cinnamon on top - at Krinos, 87 Aiolou Str.

Find the tavern named “Diporto” - maybe the oldest tavern in Athens. You’ll love everything on the small menu and you may have to share your table with friendly strangers. Try their wine from the barrels that line the walls at 9 Socratous str.

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