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Thai Massage

60’/90’ 100e/140e

Thai Massage is considered the king of all forms of body work. It is performed on a comfortable mattress on the floor with the recipient fully clothed. Provokes deep relaxation and healing, in a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
It consists of pressures, mild stretchings and limb mobilisations, creating a blissful and meditative atmosphere, holding the space for love and kindness, compassion, relaxation and awareness.
(please wear warm comfortable clothing, long pants)


Foteini has a background in sports, dance, martial arts and yoga.
She has studied various bodywork modalities and traditional healing arts, that she practices incessantly for more than twenty years.
The art of meditation came gently and peacefully, transforming her every day life. It is the main element along with breath, touch and movement that supports her healing work for herself and others. At the same time, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (Thai massage), deepened her into the values of compassion, acceptance and loving kindness, making her able to create and sustain a “safe space” during all her treatments.
She sees each person as a unique combination of body, mind and spirit, her approach is individual and her aim to restore harmony and balance.

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