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Zen Center Athens


(1st floor)
Join the Zen class every morning from
Monday to Friday 08:00- 09:00
Tuesday and Thursday evening at 20:00- 21:30.
For beginners an introduction takes place every Tuesday at 19:30.
(Free of charge)

Zen Center Athens is a non-profit public benefit organization, dedicated to the practical teaching of the ancient Way of Zen and the martial arts that carry its spirit. The main purpose of Zen Center Athens is to offer the people in Athens a chance to discover and learn about this 2600-year-old practise that remains active today and even seems more important than ever before. The practise of zazen is beyond dogmas and is therefore particularly suitable for people in our time.

We follow the Soto Zen tradition, as established and recorded by its Japanese founder Dogen Zenji during the 13th century. The core of Zen is zazen, the sitting meditation or “just sitting“. It is a practice that gradually transforms the practitioner, leading us into discovering the original self by removing all the masks that have been put in place during the course of a lifetime.

Our main objective is to teach and promote ancient practices such as meditation, martial arts and yoga, and to focus on the cultivation of self-awareness, self-discipline, and the development of the spirit through physical exercise and meditation.


Kaisanji, is located in the Kalo Ambeli region, on the southern side of the island, which remains unspoiled by mass tourism and big hotels. The name is the union of three Japanese words. KAI means sea, SAN means mountain and JI means monastery. So, Kaisanji is “the monastery of the mountain and sea”. The new building is currently under construction, according to the traditional principles of Zen Monasteries. As it will be the first Zen Monastery in Greece, it will make it possible for more people to join the spiritual path. Its central role is to support and inspire people as they walk the way of contemplation.

Kaisanji is hosting Sesshins & Retreats from October to May. The program is intense, focusing on discipline and service.

A community of like-minded people can make a huge difference. We invite you to be a part of our vision, which focuses on expanding the teachings of Meditation, on the uplifting of people and culminates in a sense of oneness with all living beings.

Kaisanji, Serifos

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