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Physiotherapy & Massage Treatments

Sei- ki/ Shiatsu (90 minutes) 145 €
(Please read all necessary information about Shiatsu before booking the treatment)

Therapeutic Treatment
(60 minutes) 80 € (90 minutes) 100 €
A variety of sophisticated and advanced massage techniques individually designed to alleviate the pain caused by illness and injuries. This treatment compliments the use of conventional medicine, to enhance the healing process.

The Tourist Treatment
(60 minutes) 80 € (90 minutes) 100 €
3T massage instantly invigorates fatigued travellers, alleviates jet- lag, soothes aching muscles, relieves exhaustion and tension, especially in stiff leg joints, upper back and neck. A rejuvenating massage leaving you energised for yet another action packed day!

Reflexology Treatment
(60 minutes) 80 €
This unique and age old method targets organs and internal areas of the body by stimulating the corresponding reflex points and nerve endings found on the feet. An extraordinarily effective massage which relieves pain and illness.

Essential Oils Relaxing Treatment
(60 minutes) 60 € (90 minutes) 100 €
A treatment that revitalises the body with combinations of various essential oils and specially formulated plant extracts, chosen for the individual needs of the patient to relax the body as well as instill calmness to the mind.

For more information or reservations do not hesitate to contact our front desk.

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