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Physiotherapy & Massage Treatments

Sei- ki/ Shiatsu
(90 minutes) 145 €
(Please read all necessary information about Shiatsu before booking the treatment)

Therapeutic Treatment
(60 minutes) 80 € (90 minutes) 100 €
A variety of sophisticated and advanced massage techniques individually designed to alleviate the pain caused by illness and injuries. This treatment compliments the use of conventional medicine, to enhance the healing process.

The Tourist Treatment
(60 minutes) 80 € (90 minutes) 100 €
3T massage instantly invigorates fatigued travellers, alleviates jet- lag, soothes aching muscles, relieves exhaustion and tension, especially in stiff leg joints, upper back and neck. A rejuvenating massage leaving you energised for yet another action packed day!

Reflexology Treatment
(60 minutes) 80 €
This unique and age old method targets organs and internal areas of the body by stimulating the corresponding reflex points and nerve endings found on the feet. An extraordinarily effective massage which relieves pain and illness.

Essential Oils Relaxing Treatment
(60 minutes) 60 € (90 minutes) 100 €
A treatment that revitalises the body with combinations of various essential oils and specially formulated plant extracts, chosen for the individual needs of the patient to relax the body as well as instill calmness to the mind.

For more information or reservations do not hesitate to contact our front desk.

Sei-ki Japanese Shiatsu

The Art of Touch for health and well-being

In Sei-ki Shiatsu, the practitioner “reads” the client to see their particular pattern of tension and where it will be helpful to touch.
Touch is often gentle and light, but it may also be strong and deep, depending on what is necessary for meeting areas of holding.
In Sei-ki Shiatsu, we always work with the breath, so you will always experience the touch, whether light or deep, as comfortable.

The effects of Sei-ki Shiatsu:
Ø Feeling deeply relaxed
Ø Free flow of breathing
Ø Mind clarity
Ø Going into a zone where you are half awake, half asleep where you will process mental, emotional and physical issues
Ø The release of physical tensions and pains and the resolution of issues
Ø Emotions rising up and releasing
Ø Thoughts rushing around which usually slow down and leave a feeling of inner peace
Ø A “strange” or new feeling as a fresh perspective or feeling arrives
Ø Initial discomfort followed by greater energy and peace
Ø A feeling of being understood without judgment

Guidelines for receiving Sei-ki Shiatsu:
Please wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing, preferably cotton, e.g. sweatshirt, long trousers, t-shirt and socks. Do not eat heavily at least two hours prior to treatment. Do not drink alcohol before or after
treatment. After treatment drink plenty of water to smooth the flow of changes through the system. If at all possible avoid strenuous or stressful activities after your session.

What to expect in a Sei-ki Shiatsu treatment:
Ø Each session lasts approximately one and a half hours. The practitioner may ask for details of your current state of health, any medical conditions, history, and lifestyle. The practitioner may take written notes.
Ø You remain fully clothed at all times. The session usually takes place on a futon on the floor, although it is possible to receive Shiatsu seated or on a treatment couch.
Ø The practitioner will treat your whole body by using finger or palm pressure or sometimes, if needed, using knees, elbows and feet.
Ø Sei-ki Shiatsu can involve rotation and stretches of joints and limbs.
Ø Following the treatment, due to the body’s natural healing process, there can be a feeling of increased vitality and you may feel invigorated yet relaxed. To experience the full benefits you may wish to rest for a while after having received the treatment.

“Whenever we rise in an aero plane, even on the most cold or rainy days, there is the blue sky above the clouds with the sun shining. This means: When we don’t feel good or have physical problems, we can find this state of peace and equanimity, if we go very deep inside.” Akinobu Kishi, the founder of Sei ki Shiatsu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be ill to receive Sei-ki Shiatsu?
No. People can receive Sei-ki Shiatsu purely for relaxation and enjoyment. Regular treatments may help to keep the body in harmony and ward off ill-health.

Can I receive Sei-ki Shiatsu whilst on medication?
Yes. The practitioner will ask whether you are currently taking medication and take details of any medical conditions you are suffering from.

I’m pregnant – can I still receive Sei-ki Shiatsu?
Yes. Sei-ki Shiatsu is safe and supportive during and after pregnancy. Unless the doctor has advised otherwise.

Can Sei-ki Shiatsu help with ongoing or incurable conditions? Yes. Sei-ki Shiatsu can offer support and can often help to moderate or manage symptoms even if the problem will never really go away. An increased sense of well-being due to Sei-ki Shiatsu may boost tolerance levels in the receiver, helping them to deal with the symptoms more easily.

Thai Massage

60’/90’ 100€/140€

Thai Massage is considered the king of all forms of body work. It is performed on a comfortable mattress on the floor with the recipient fully clothed. Provokes deep relaxation and healing, in a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
It consists of pressures, mild stretchings and limb mobilisations, creating a blissful and meditative atmosphere, holding the space for love and kindness, compassion, relaxation and awareness.
(please wear warm comfortable clothing, long pants)


Foteini has a background in sports, dance, martial arts and yoga.
She has studied various bodywork modalities and traditional healing arts, that she practices incessantly for more than twenty years.
The art of meditation came gently and peacefully, transforming her every day life. It is the main element along with breath, touch and movement that supports her healing work for herself and others. At the same time, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (Thai massage), deepened her into the values of compassion, acceptance and loving kindness, making her able to create and sustain a “safe space” during all her treatments.
She sees each person as a unique combination of body, mind and spirit, her approach is individual and her aim to restore harmony and balance.

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